About funds

Our policy is mainly - though not exclusively - based on six specific funds dealing with A*MIDEX different challenges, in order to ensure a rigorous concentration of A*MIDEX resources on the most promising projects:

  • Three “Research” funds aimed at promoting: young promising talents, innovative and « risky » approaches and interdisciplinary projects.
  • An “Excellence Academy” fund that is expected to boost the attractiveness of the University and its partners as far as higher education is concerned
  • A “Transfer” fund focusing on joint public-private research projects, which aims at pushing collaborative research and technology transfer to a new level, together with the set-up of a House of Innovation and Technology (HIT) specialized in microelectronics and digital security
  • An “International” fund in order to consolidate the euro-Mediterranean leadership of Aix-Marseille University and its partners and to tie stronger links with top world-leading universities.

This policy will be implemented throughout clear procedures of resources allocation, thanks to competitive calls for proposals. These calls will be issued every other year, except for the "Excellence Academy" call which is permanent.
In order to favor emulation and the achievement of a pull-effect, all research teams and teaching departments will be allowed to apply, be they in or out the peridex, even though the principle of concentration of 60% of all the funds on the peridex remains crucial. A renewal of the latter is expected, especially thanks to this system of open calls. A particular attention will be paid to the contribution of the funds to the five priority areas of A*MIDEX, which are key in its development strategy.  
Proposals submitted to the calls will first be assessed by external academic experts, and then international specific juries (75% external) will rank the projects. The A*MIDEX Steering Committee will make the final decision of selection, taking into account both the jury’s evaluation and A*MIDEX global objectives.

Human resources policy is a powerful and critical leverage to fulfill A*MIDEX main ambitions. Therefore the financing allowed for HR will cover the costs of the new staff (contract personnel, chairs “packages”) and the talent policy (incentives to favor research and pedadogic innovation, mobility grants).  The A*MIDEX Steering Committee will allocate these grants through competitive procedures and clear criteria. The "Rising Stars" fund will contribute to this strategy for attractiveness and promotion of the best potentials.