About the Academy

The Excellence Academy aims at combining advantages of the Universities and Grandes Écoles. It will bring together a rigorous selectivity, a research-based pedagogy, world class support to students, interdisciplinary curricula, strong connections with the business community and international visibility. Based on AMU’s most innovative and attractive programs, it will be both a label promoted at international level and a framework structure coordinating specific services and grants for its students.

The Academy's main target is graduate (Master) and postgraduate (PhD) education. However, a limited number of undergraduate (Bachelor) programs will also be included in order to attract high potential students. Our target at four years is to label 15 master programs, 8 doctoral schools and 5 bachelor programs.
Master and PhD programs will be backed by recognized labs of the LABEX or similar type of projects (IA or A*MIDEX) representing the 5 thematic areas of A*MIDEX. All programs will be labeled by the A*MIDEX Steering Committee following the advice of an Academic Committee. Decisions on labeling will be based on the compliance with the Excellence Academy Charter.

The operational activities of the Excellence Academy will concern both the labeled education programs and their individual students and teaching researchers.
Firstly, it will foster the upgrading of the degrees of excellence on all points of the EA charter, in particular through:

  • Support to the development of international dual degrees and exchange programs
  • Support to various types of pedagogical innovation (with the support of the CIPE, Center of pedagogical innovation and evaluation): EA programs will in particular have a pioneering role in the generalization of ICT use for pedagogical innovation
  • Promotion of the EA label at international level and towards business community
  • Monitoring and quality assurance within the EA perimeter, with the support of the CIPE and based on regular external evaluation

Secondly, the Academy will provide exclusive support services for students within EA degrees, such as Master classes and residential seminars with internationally renowned researchers, mentoring and career development services.
Lastly, the Academy will allocate merit based grants at both Master and PhD level.

See the EA Charter, and if you consider submitting a program to EA labeling, please contact us at amidex-direction@univ-amu.fr to get more details and receive advice and help.