A*MIDEX is perpetuated

April 29th, 2016: After a probationary period of 4 years, AMU and its partners (CNRS, Inserm, CEA, IRD, ECM, IEP, AP-HM) have been awarded the perpetuation of their Idex A*MIDEX after evaluation and on a proposal from the international jury, the same jury that had labeled the project in 2012. This jury considered that the dynamics on the site, especially the building of a world-class research university, has been clearly initiated, with compelling results. The jury also pointed out that this dynamics was now irreversible.

This label comes along with a funding of over 25 million euros each year, to continue the strategy implemented in research, education, technology transfer and innovation, in attractiveness and in international policy. A major recognition for the whole academic community, for the dynamism of the territory, and for the outreach of our university worldwide.