"Interdisciplinarity" CFP: 8 projects awarded

Interdisciplinarity, which aims at integrating knowledge and methodologies from different disciplines to address a common issue, has a major potential in terms of knowledge production and innovation. A*MIDEX is committed to supporting interdisciplinarity in order to strengthen, in particular, the competitiveness of research carried out by Aix -Marseille University (AMU) and its partners on the site.

28 project applications were submitted to the first "Interdisciplinarity" call for proposals launched in early March 2013. Each project was assessed by two international experts. Then the projects were divided up thematically between 4 international renowned scientists, who ranked the projects according to the experts’ evaluations and their own assessment. The jury, composed of these referees and chaired by AMU Vice-President for Research, deliberated on November 6th, in order to provide the A*MIDEX Steering Committee with recommendations. In light of these recommendations and the strategic objectives of AMU and its partners, on the Aix- Marseille site, the Steering Committee unanimously decided to select the eight following projects:

• "Passivation strategies designed for tritiated and non tritiated submicronic tungsten particles based on their characterization and cyto-genotoxic potential", project carried out by Christian GRISOLIA , CEA Research Director at Institute for Research on Magnetic Fusion (IRFM, CEA)
• "Understanding MIcroorganisms TRAnsmission factors in hospital wards through MIcrochip TRAcking", project carried out by Alain BARRAT , CNRS Research Director at Center for Theoretical Physics (CPT , UMR 7332)
• “«Green» laser ablation-based synthesis of functional nanomaterials for cancer theranostics", project carried out by Andrei KABASHIN , CNRS Research Director at Laboratory Lasers, Plasmas and Photonic Processes (LP3 , UMR 7341)
• “Light innovative methodologies for molecular interaction and signaling analysis in biology", project carried out by Sophie BRASSELET, CNRS Research Director at Fresnel Institute (UMR 7249)
• "Atmospheric fate of pesticides in particulate phase: Photo-chemical heterogeneous reactivity and biological study", project carried out by Etienne QUIVET, Lecturer at Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (LCE, FRE 3416)
• "Mathematical Modeling of the pharmacological effects of microtubule-targeted drugs on microtubule dynamic instability and cellular processes involved in cancer progression: i.e proliferation, migration", project carried out by Stéphane HONORE , MCU-PH at Center of Research in biological Oncology and Onco-pharmacology (CRO2 , UMR_S 911)
• “Interdisciplinary modelling of the factors influencing performance in sport", project carried out by Gilles MONTAGNE, University Professor at Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM, UMR 7287)
• “Multifunctional implantable devices based on organic electronics”, project carried out by Christophe BERNARD, Inserm Research Director at Institute of Neurosciences of Systems (INS, UMR 1106)