”Rising Stars” CFA: 7 laureates

Attracting, supporting young talents and providing them with a supportive environment are the top priorities of the “Rising Stars” call for applications. Seven researchers and teacher-researchers were selected by A*MIDEX steering committee, based on international experts’ assessments. The successful applicants benefit from a packaged chair for a period of two years.

In order to strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of the research carried out by Aix-Marseille University and its partners, the A*MIDEX Foundation implements a pro-active policy towards young academics, in accordance with commitments to the IDEX international jury. The “Rising Stars” Fund is one of the drivers of this policy. More specifically, the purpose of this fund is to 1) attract young talents external to Aix-Marseille site, 2) retain young promising researchers already on the site, 3) develop new research topics enhancing and reinforcing the thematic areas of Aix-Marseille laboratories.

On the occasion of the first “Rising Stars“ call for applications, 29 proposals were submitted within the five A*MIDEX priorities: 12 applications in Health and Life Sciences, 9 in Sciences and Advanced Technologies, 4 in Societies, Cultures and Exchanges, and 2 respectively in Energy and in Environment, Planet and Universe.

The selection procedure was based on two criteria: the scientific excellence of applications and their consistency with the strategy of Aix-Marseille University and its partners. Thus, each proposal was assessed by two international specialists of the research field. Applications were then prioritized by three scientists, covering the following broad thematic fields: Materials and Information Sciences, Life Sciences, Health and Environment, and Humanities and Social Science. Finally, The A*MIDEX Steering Committee selected 7 candidates, taking into account the experts’ opinion and the scientific strategy defined for the site.

For the next two years, seven laureates will therefore receive A*MIDEX funding, representing a total budget of 2.4 M€:

- Nicolas BONOD, CNRS Researcher at the Fresnel Institute

- Alexander BUFETOV, CNRS Research Director at Laboratory of Analysis, Topology, and Probabilities

- Jerome EPSZTEIN, Inserm Researcher at Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology

- Nicola MAI, Lecturer at the London Metropolitan University, will join the Mediterranean Laboratory of Sociology

- Delphine RONET-YAGUE, AMU Lecturer at Centre of Social law

- Salvatore SPICUGLIA, Inserm Researcher at Technological Advanced for Genomics and Clinics

- Stéphane VIEL, AMU Lecturer at the Institute of Radical Chemistry