Rising Stars Chairs: 7 new laureates

Starting from Autumn 2014, the Aix-Marseille site will welcome seven young talents, who will benefit from "Rising Star" packaged chairs funded by A*MIDEX. These chairs, backed up by host research units of AMU and its partners, will help to strengthen the scientific potential of the site, by the development of new research topics and the creation of synergies with teams on site.

The Rising Stars Fund is one of the tools developed by A*MIDEX to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the research conducted by Aix-Marseille University and its partners. In particular, it enables to set up an attractive human resources policy and to attract top young researchers on the Aix-Marseille site.

On the occasion of the second Rising Stars call for applications, 29 applications were submitted. Seven laureates will receive A*MIDEX funding, representing a total budget of €2.8 M.

Eleonora CANEPARI, Italian post-doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford (UK), will join the Unit Time, Space, Languages, Southern Europe, Mediterranean (TELEMME) with a project entitled "Settling in motion. Mobility and the making of the urban space in the early modern cities"

Carlos CORREIA, Portuguese post-doctoral researcher at the University of Porto (Portugal), will join the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) with a project entitled "Expanding the Technological Readiness of future wide-field Adaptive-optics systems for ground -based Astronomy"

Marie-Hélène GROSBRAS, Franco-Canadian associate professor at the University of Glasgow (UK), will join the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (LNC) with a project entitled "Neural bases of gaze orienting in social context: what changes during adolescence?"

Federico PIAZZA, Italian post-doctoral researcher at "Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics" (France), will join the Center for Theoretical Physics (CPT), with a project entitled "Phenomenology of Dark Energy"

Matthew PIERI, British post-doctoral researcher at the University of Portsmouth (UK), will join the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) with a project entitled "In the Deep, Dark Lyman-Alpha Forest: Exploring Dark Energy and Galaxy Formation Using the Intergalactic Medium"

James SNEED GERMAN, American assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, will join the Speech and Language Laboratory (LPL) with a project entitled "Social Interaction in the Representation of Language"

David ZARZOZO, Spanish post-doctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching (Germany), will join the unit Physics and Molecular Ionic Interactions (PIIM) with a project entitled "Kinetic Analysis of the interplay between Magnetic Islands, Turbulence and Energetic Particles in realistic heating scenarios in fusion plasmas. Theory, modelling and experiments. "