The Charter

Excellence Academy Charter

« Trainings of excellence, training for excellence »

The Excellence Academy label will be granted by the A*MIDEX Steering Committee, at the instigation of the Academic Committee, according to the 7 following criteria: Relevance, Competitiveness, Selectivity, Pedagogical innovation, Internationalization, Interdisciplinarity and Study to work transition.

1. Relevance :

  • contribution to A*MIDEX strategy and five priority themes ;
  • link to the Labex and other IA-labeled projects ;
  • positioning and added value in the education offer of AMU and its partners of the site

2. Competitiveness :

  • AERES mark (if need be);
  • acknowledgement by peers and business, reputation within students ;
  • enrollment rate of non-regional students ;
  • originality of the course

3. Selectivity :

  • selectivity rate at entry (target, if need be) ;
  • rigor of selection processes, based on application file and personal motivation interview

4. Pedagogical innovation :

  • innovative practices dealing with training to and with research, transmission of transversal methods and skills, project- and problem-based learning, ICT pedagogical use

5. Internationalization :

  • intensity of partnership with foreign universities (especially A*MIDEX targeted international universities) : exchanges and stays, joint degrees, Erasmus Mundus label;
  • international enrollment of students and pedagogical teams > 30% ;
  • bilingual curricula or proportion of courses offered in the English language

6. Interdisciplinarity :

  • interdisciplinary added value of the education program (positioning, optional courses at the borders of other disciplines, extra courses and bridges, links to other programs, diversity of job opportunities)

7. Study to work transition :

  • internships offered to students ;
  • possibilities in terms of continuous training and break between M1 and M2 ;
  • follow-up of PhD students ;
  • partnerships with the business world ;
  • rate of access to the labor market (if need be).