Several high-level reports have underlined the relative deficit of R&D investment in the private sector and public-private research projects in France, compared with other OECD countries. Developing joint research programs in this respect is both a crucial stake for the economic growth and sustainable development of the country and a major challenge for academics and private actors. While AMU and A*MIDEX partners already have significant achievements in this field, A*MIDEX will strive to boost their relationships with the private sector so as to maximize the impact of public research on economic development and innovation.
The Transfer Fund will focus in this context on joint public-private research projects, acting in this respect as a complementary instrument to the SATT, which concentrates on technology transfer (maturation and development). It will act as a powerful leverage to mobilize and attract external research funding from the private sector in order to launch innovative research projects.

These projects will be selected on the basis of a call for proposals by a selection committee composed of external academics and socio-economic experts. The main criteria for the selection will be (i) the research and innovation ambition of the project, (ii) a significant financial and HR commitment from the private partners and (iii) the transfer potential and the socio-economic impacts envisaged.

The Transfer fund in a nutshell:
Key criteria of the call for projects:
- Research and innovation potential of the project
- Level of commitment from private partners
- Potential of the project in terms of transfer and socio-economic impact
0.8 M€/ year for 2 projects financed for 2 to 4 years
Eligible costs: operating and travel costs, PhD and post-doc recruitment, access and use of research facilities either in Aix-Marseille or elsewhere.