"Transfer" CFP: 4 projects selected

In order to support public - private research partnerships with high innovation potential, A*MIDEX set up a Transfer fund. This tool aims at leveraging sustainable collaborations between public and private research, by funding collaborative projects built around shared interests between research units and companies and demonstrating a real investment from the industrial partners.

13 applications were submitted to the first "Transfer" call for proposals. Each of the 12 eligible projects was assessed by two experts, specialists of the research field and of collaborative projects. Then the projects were divided up between 5 referees from academic and industrial sectors, who ranked the projects according to the experts’ evaluations and their own assessment. The jury, composed of these referees and chaired by AMU Vice-President for exploitation of research results, deliberated on November 27th, in order to provide the A*MIDEX Steering Committee with recommendations. Taking into account these recommendations and the strategic objectives of AMU and its partners, the A*MIDEX Steering Committee of December 9th, 2013 unanimously decided to follow the advice of the jury and to select the four following projects:

  • "Modelling And Technological Improvement Of Molecular adhesion" (MATIOMA), carried out by Frédéric Lebon , University Professor at Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA, UPR 7051) , in partnership with Winlight optics company, with the support of OPTITEC and PEGASE competitiveness clusters.
  • "Spectrographs to understand dark energy" (PACA- DESI), carried out by Jean-Gabriel Cuby, Astronomer at Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille (LAM, UMR 7326), in partnership with Observatory of Haute Provence, Center of Particles Physics of Marseille and Winlight optics company, with the support of OPTITEC competitiveness cluster.
  • "Improving vaccines against ovine brucellosis" (BRUVAC), carried out by Jean -Pierre Gorvel, CNRS Research Director at Centre for Immunology of Marseille-Luminy (CIML, UMR 7280), in partnership with Virbac company, with the support of EUROBIOMED competitiveness cluster.
  • "Laser engraving for thin film photovoltaic" (PhotoLase), carried out by Philippe Delaporte, CNRS Research Director at Laboratory Lasers, Plasmas and Photonic Processes (LP3, UMR 7243), in partnership with Nexcis company, with the support of  CAPENERGIES and OPTITEC competitiveness clusters.